Views from an Injured Brain

This story is a testimony of what a brain can still accomplish when others tell you you’re brain injured, you can’t do that anymore…. the brain is a wonderful thing. But it takes a pile of self-esteem, which is often lost along with a brain injury…

Nick Verron


I talk predominantly about issues I’ve experienced. Although my situation is very unique, I have come to realise that the resulting issues I’ve faced are shared by many. I would very much like to hear if others have experienced similar ones.

It’s scientifically argued that You are defined by the composition of your brain. It’s therefore justified to feel that when you’ve had a brain injury resulting in parts of your brain not functioning  properly, or at all, that the injury is to who you are. Basically, a brain injury makes You feel lesser.

A little clarification after a brain injury would go a long way in  limiting this destructive thought process. What defines who You are is your mind, which is a product of the early structure of your brain. Once formed though, it isn’t fixed. As we use a very small percentage of our brains, our minds can utilise spare brain…

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  1. Nick Verron says:

    Thank you for the reblog! 😀

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