A one time grain farmer (I miss that), I’m now mostly a writer – mainly for agriculture papers in Switzerland and Canada, and author of a just printed book, “Laughter in the Shadows – stories of courage of 11 Zambian Women”, and  “Greetings from Zambia – letters home from an overseas volunteer”.  I travel regularly to Zambia, mostly to consult with small scale farmers, and lately to help with a project working with prostitutes. My heart is divided between my twin 4 yr old grandsons in Switzerland (okay, my husband and two sons and family are here too), my family in Canada and my friends in Zambia. I regularly spend time with all three, with my home base being Schleitheim, Switzerland.

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  1. What a fascinating life you lead.. great projects in Zambia both of which are so badly needed. We live in the mountains in Spain but have spend a lot of time in the Swiss Alps and Geneva which is a city I love.. I was surprised to read your article on refugees but I think that we all have those in our countries.. We tend to forget that particularly those of us with Irish origins were refugees ourselves only a couple of hundred years ago. Risking our lives in unseaworthy vessels to reach the promised land. Good to connect.

    • marerobster says:

      The Swiss were refugees too – to North and South America for instance – in the 1850s out of hunger, some out of religious reasons (Anabaptists were persecuted badly). As you say, we tend to forget that.

  2. sasha says:

    Hey good afternoon,

    I am currently looking for small scale farmers that grow tomatoes and unions etc.

    And going throw your posts am hoping you can help me with the scheme that are into cash crops so I can be my suppliers.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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