Live creatively.

The Merlin falcon soars on the tail of the wind.

The Merlin falcon soars on the tail of the wind.

Its wings spread wide, the Merlin falcon soars easily, rising with the wind – there’s no effort in it from where I stand watching. My own body is so heavy today with a bad cold. I let it go, soar up with the hawk, spread my arms with exhilaration, let the wind carry me. My feathers flash back a glint of light. The wind takes me up, up, above the tallest tree. I let it swoop me over the hills, so crisp today after last night’s storm. My house in the village is just a speck now. Whoosh! And I dive into the valley, over Elisabeth’s backyard pond where the ice has melted and the bright orange of her fish catch my eyes. I don’t eat fish. Swoosh, back up with the current, parallel to the wheat fields still so green although it’s already the second day of February. Wings braced, I set myself gracefully on the crown of the naked Walnut tree beside our house. And go back to work at my desk.

This is an exercise from my “Journalisten Werkstatt” – Kreativität als Lebensprinzip, Creativity as a life principal. Each day find something that amazes or astounds you, fills you with wonder. Each day surprise one person, by doing something a little different, showing yourself from a different side, saying something unexpected. Write it down each day.

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