Take Time to Live!

Landed in Calgary, Alberta with the gradios Rocky Mountains in the background.

Landed in Calgary, Alberta with the gradios Rocky Mountains in the background.

My brother-in-law, who travels regularly between continents for business, once told me that he thinks most clearly in the air between two worlds. I’m in that space right now. There’s something to his saying. Switzerland already feels far away, although I only left it some hours ago. The problems that bothered me yesterday seem just as far away. My thoughts go towards my next world, Canada. What will I do with my time there, what are my priorities, what writing do I want to get done, what book promotions will I do? My Kindle is in my purse with a half-finished book I really want to get to. But I know that if I don’t utilize these moments of clear thought, before I’m deep into the next world with its people and plans, I’m doomed to frustration. Without a clear plan, I’ll just do the next thing before me, say ‘yes’ to whatever friends propose, to whatever feels good for the moment.

Several good article ideas come to mind as I think of my Swiss newspaper editors. Which connections can I use for interviews? The ideas need to be fleshed out for a good query per email. I make a list of what I can do to promote my new book “Laughter in the Shadows – stories of courage of 11 Zambian women”. There are newspapers to contact, libraries and women’s groups.

It’s a great plan. Is it also realistic? Last week I received a quote of the day advising to take time to live too. I’m going to Canada to spend time with my elderly parents and my siblings and friends. The last months have been very busy for both Robert and I. What a few days of camping by the lake would do to restore our souls! Yes, take time to live.
Now what do I do with that great plan??

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  1. Enjoy your family time, Mare. That was a very wise and timely quote of the day. 🙂

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