What pictures don’t say

I’m still on the Refugee thing. So are a lot of other people, I see. No wonder. The situation in Europe is getting worse by the day – both in the countries the refugees come from and the countries they are fleeing to. There are some interesting posts floating around. Here’s one on Facebook I saw today:

A Facebook picture - this is the mess a group of refugees in Hungary left behind, says the post.

A Facebook picture – with caption: The aftermath of the refugees in Hungary

It’s a huge mess, isn’t it. Look at the food they leave lying, all the good stuff people probably gave to them free. Unthankful messy pigs, huh? That’s the message the comment with the pictures seems to give. Maybe it’s true, at least in part. But it’s just as likely or more so that these people were on the run again, racing for a train that is going to leave right away, a truck to take them to the next destination. Maybe they were chased, who knows. We don’t. We just have that picture. Pictures say a lot, but there’s also a lot they don’t say.
Or look at this video with the sarcastic caption: “another way to say ‘Thank You’”.
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Here’s a train full of refugees that should be thankful they have been allowed into the country, and even more thankful for food and drink. Instead they are angry, kick the donated water into the train tracks, shout and demand. So why should we even take people like that in?? But we have no idea why they are acting that way. What happened before? Why are they angry? What kind of insults has already been hurled their way?
Truth is, though, whatever the background, the refugees coming into our countries are different than we are. They have a different approach to life, and yes, to garbage. The young men tend to be more aggressive than ours – both from their culture and the years of war. We don’t understand each other very well, making conflict almost inevitable. I can understand that people are afraid of the ‘invasion’. But the invasion is here. Let’s not condemn before we really know and understand the other’s motives.

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