Wow, I can do this!!!

One of the Munot castle walls, overlooking the Rhein to the east of Schaffhausen. It's quite a ways down to the river... !

One of the Munot castle walls, overlooking the Rhein to the east of Schaffhausen. It’s quite a ways down to the river… !

I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. I’m surprised that I’m still going at all. Three young women jog in front of me, as if they were on a light walk. I’m trying to keep up, worrying if I don’t I won’t find the way back to my car. Whatever am I doing here!

What I’m doing is summer training for our Short Track Speed Skating Club. If I don’t train, I’ll be terribly embarrassed when we start the skating season in the late fall. When I first joined the club last January, I had an excuse for not being so fit: I was just a beginner. I have no excuse not to be running with the girls today.

We started off at the track by the Munot, Schaffhausen’s Castle. There are numerous sets of stairs going down to the old city core or the Rhein River, and they aren’t just short flights either. Angela takes us down the one, and up again, twice. Jog along for a bit, to the next flight. Down again, and up again twice, this time two stairs at a time with one leg. Jog along for a ways – now I’m just running so I don’t get lost. This next flight of stairs is really long. I opt out of the first go at it, but do the second, of course.

We’re almost done. Just for the exercises now. The situps, the kind that really hits your gut. Forty, Angela says, we’ll do it together. And I surprise myself – I do it. Forty more, Angela says, and I do it again.

Actually, I have to be honest – I always feel good afterwards. I do things I was sure I couldn’t do. If I can surpass myself that way in sports, couldn’t I do that with the rest of life too? Like in marketing my book??

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4 Responses to Wow, I can do this!!!

  1. Helen says:

    You are an inspiration to us all, Mare. Keep it up!!!

  2. Irene says:

    Awsome ! It’s never too lateto start something new 🙂

  3. Angela sounds just like my Boot Camp instructor. 🙂

    • marerobster says:

      Angelika just came back from a training conference with a new set of strength exercises for us! Takes boot camp to a new level! Loved the gleam in her eyes as she was explaining the moves to us.

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